Cemetery above the Menton

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The old cemetery of Menton is built at the top of the Colla Rogna hill, in the place of the old castle., above the old town.
The castle dates from the Middle Ages. It was abandoned and fell into ruins during the first half of the 18th Century. The cemetery was first built in 1808.

With the arrival of the railways up to the Riviera, at the end of the 19th century, many European arrived in Menton, near the Italian border. An international winter resort, Menton was mostly enjoyed by British and Russian aristocrats, who built villas and palaces with English style and names.

Many of these new wealthy tourists came there for medical reasons, to make the most ideal climate to treat themselves from tuberculosis. Some recovered health, many died here. The strong presence of Russian nobility is felt in the magnificent Russian Orthodox Chapel, which sits near the summit of the cemetery’s hill. Prince Trubetskoy of Russia is buried here.

One of the most visited tomb belongs to reverend William Ellis Webb, founder of Rugby football, at Rugby School in autumn 1823. The names written on the graves of Menton cemetery are from all over the world. The place is littered with flowers, statues, urns, and columns and busts in various size and style.

Plus, you’ll have a scenic view on the old town and on the sea beneath.

source: lomography.com

Photo: © Milan Středa, www.milanstreda.com

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