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  • Uploaded 20/04/2015

Cool squares, narrow little streets cascading toward the sea: the historical heart of the city beats behind the ocre frontage of the houses. Sun light filters through the shuttered houses preserving the intimacy of the homes from the assalt of the sun.

We are brought back in time through the red-glazed rooftops of the bell-towers.

In Menton, Baroque Art gave rise to an incredible duo – the majestic “Basilique Saint-Michel” and a few steps higher “La Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs” (White Sinners Church).

Directly above, right at the top of the hill, the “Vieux Château” cemetry can be located, Here, many Russian and British aristocracy have found their final resting place and here one can observe an unequalled view over the sea, Italy and the Mountains.

Photo: © Milan Středa,

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